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The SafeCity Mission

The SafeCity Project is an initiative begun in 2011 by as a part of the Frogtown Community House & Garden Project to build relationships between police, individuals, businesses and community groups in the Frogtown neighborhood

About Us

The SafeCity Project is a crime reduction project, located in the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul.  The SafeCity Project serves and connect at-risk individuals to the support they need to live healthy lives. We believe the best way to build healthy neighborhoods is for individuals to be integrated into a safe community. This removes isolation that often leads to crime and addiction. We meet people where they are and empower them and provide help for some immediate needs, while building relationships that support goals of becoming healthy and responsible citizens. We help at-risk young adults and families who need support in various situations.

Many of those we help become committed volunteers that begin helping others that were in similar situations. Volunteers are directly involved in helping to:


  • Connect at‐risk individuals with lifestyles of addiction, homelessness, or sex trafficking, with support services and housing

  • Direct people to the resources they need for mental, physical and spiritual health

  • Provide skills, training and leads to transition unemployed participants into employment opportunities through community partners

  • Prepare people for the transition from treatment to community life

  • Hold safe‐sober events that build and strengthen relationships within the community

  • Actively available for mentorship roles with peers, youth and children


We have daily opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in volunteer work and neighborhood outreach projects.  Come on over and visit us!


Koinonia is a 501c3 organization that was developed in 2006 in the State of Minnesota and operates primarily in the Twin Cities. It is a community building organization that establishes and funds safe-sober environments, projects and events for young adults. Its first project was a free coffee shop that ran in Dinkytown for three years called “the Hot Spot.” The vision and success of this groundbreaking effort led other organizations to set up similar safe-sober community activities and events at the University of Minnesota. When others came forward to continue the vision of the community coffee shop, we moved to the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul.

The initial vision for Frogtown was to purchase a foreclosed house in one of the many decaying neighborhoods and transform it into an efficient “green” house. We added a community garden to have a natural magnet for outreach, bringing hope to area residents. The three-year renovation project and annual community gardens have created daily opportunities for people in Frogtown to connect with volunteers and build relationships. It is a sustainable project with a holistic community approach. We now have several community houses who house individuals dedicated to safe-sober community activities.

The Frogtown Community

Among the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in St. Paul, Frogtown is located north of Hwy 94 a mile from the state capital building. The area has been hit very hard economically and it has hurt families and lent itself to crisis situations. Our SafeCity Community Center has become a lighthouse in some dark situations and become a safe place for people to come to for help. Because of our center we have been able to provide solutions and support in:


  • Broken families

  • Substance Abuse and Drug Trafficking

  • High Crime Rate

  • Homelessness

  • Human Trafficking

  • Poor Nutrition and Hunger

  • Lack of Healthy Green Space

  • High Unemployment

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