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SafeCity would not be the same without the help of our community partners. These relationships have become a cornerstone in what we do to serve the Frogtown Community. We find that multiple partners help us maximize our influence and strength in the neighborhood and community. 

Some Of Our Partners

The Cash Money Ryders

A local social club whose clubhouse is next to our community garden. Their weekly help in food distribution has become invaluable to us. Our combined efforts we have been able to serve groceries two days a week, to more than 200 families weekly. The CMR group has also helped us host several BBQ's every summer to feed local neighbors and create as safe space for relationships in the community to grow.



HEART is our main food distributor. "HEART is a volunteer-led and staffed ministry established by Hosanna Church that partners with businesses, ministries, and government agencies to assist individuals, families, and communities locally and nationally in times of difficulty and crisis."


Frogtown Green

Frogtown Green has partnered with us in the Lilypad Garden initiative. The Lilypad Garden is a full block sized community garden that also is a landing pad for events that sponsor community development. Their website states: "We're residents of Frogtown, St Paul's most diverse and vibrant community. We want to make Frogtown the greenest and most sustainable neighborhood in St Paul. We grow crops, plant trees, promote parks, share information, and celebrate Frogtown, in all its green glory. Join us!"


The St. Paul Police Department, Western District

Our relationship with the police department continues to grown since the early days of the SafeCity project ten years ago. 

...and many more!

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